Some might ask the question, how can a glove be a good mountain bike glove? A glove is a glove! But all too often those same people don’t know what they’re missing out on. That rider believes it is normal to struggle to grip the bars well. They think it is normal to have obstruction between their fingers and the brakes, making it tough to know how hard you are squeezing them. They think it is a normal part of shredding to get a crazy amount of arm pump from gripping the bars so hard all the time. They also believe most riding gloves look the same and subconsciously wish there was something more unique that stands out. 

But then something happens. They ride with Gripit gloves. And this brings a whole new meaning to “grip it and rip it.” They realize a portion of their struggles riding a mountain bike are because they have been dealing with a mtb gear problem they least expected. Poor gloves. So here are 5 things to look for when purchasing mountain bike gloves:

Mountain bike rider with sunset background in Utah

1. A good mountain biking glove is minimal. The best mtb gloves are not over engineered with obstructions to hand and finger movement. Instead, it is a glove that has a minimal amount of material on the palms fingers. Just enough that it has all the needed protection, but allows the rider to feel the grip and levers.

2. The best mtb gloves are fitted. A glove that fits correctly should feel tight and slim. This will minimize bunching in the fingers and palm. Too much bunching will cause the bars to slip in your hands, forcing you to squeeze tighter and exhaust your forearms.

3. Mountain bike gloves to need be grippy. We’ve all heard the saying, “grip it and rip it.” Well a grippy glove is the first ingredient to being able to do just that, grip it. If a glove doesn’t grip well, it will cause the bars to move around in your hand which is a problem for a host of reasons. You lose bike control and forearm pump will occur. This can result in sloppy or worse, crashing. 

4. Gloves need to be comfortable and protective. A good glove protects your hands from blisters, chafing, and in the event of a crash, cuts and bruises. We’ve all seen gloves that put so much emphasis on protection, the result is something that is uncomfortable and restrictive. The best mtb gloves are able to strike a balance between comfortable and protective. 

5. Last, and arguably the most important feature of a good mountain bike glove, is style. Nobody wants a glove that doesn't look good. And let's be honest, half of being a good mountain biker is looking good in your gear;). Even those who say they don’t care what it looks like, probably care the most. So don't ever compromise on glove style!

Gripit gloves laid out in a line on mountain bike trail in Midway, Utah.

Gripit Sports offer glove that are minimalist, fitted and grippy. They produce gloves that are comfortable, without compromising protection. And of course, they have a variety of rad styles stretching from muted colors and stripes, to florals and tie-dye. 


Parker Dolbin