What is it that makes a good dirt bike glove? Whether you’re into motocross, trail riding, enduro, dual sport, or everything in between, the right motorcycle glove can make a huge difference in your riding capabilities. So here are five things to look for when shopping for a glove and things that Gripit Sports have spent months perfecting.

1. Most motocross riders prefer a glove that is MINIMALIST. What do we mean by that? We mean a glove that doesn't obstruct the movements of your hand. A glove that allows you to feel the grip of your dirt bike and each movement of the levers so that you can be precise and intentional. A minimalist glove keeps the palm bunch-free, allowing you to grip it and rip it without obstruction.

A close up of a dirt bike rider's hand gripping the handlebar while wearing the Bird of Paradise Gripit glove.

2. The best dirt biking gloves are FITTED. What do we mean by fitted? We mean a bunch-free glove. Your riding glove needs to be a slim and tight fit around your fingers and hand. When a glove is too loose, it can really hinder your ability to grip the bars well. A glove that isn’t fitted to your hand will move around as you ride, causing you to lose control over your bike and force you to grip the bars harder. Arm pump can occur and in the worst scenarios is a crash.

3. The best gloves for dirt bikes are GRIPPY. A grippy glove minimizes the rider’s effort to hold on to the bars. This minimizes fatigue and arm pump, as well as giving you greater control over you and your bike’s movement. 

A motocross rider with his hands up, palms out, showing his Gripit glove.

4. Something extremely important to all motorcycle gloves is COMFORT. You could have a great fitting glove that is grippy and protective, but what's that worth when the glove is just flat out uncomfortable. Gripit Gloves are made with a 4-way stretch material and a small amount of seams carefully placed to not rub your hand in the wrong places.

5. Let’s be real, having RAD STYLE is an integral part of dirt biking. It just is. A pair of gloves with unique designs that fit your style is key to standing out and allowing you to be you. Gripit gloves have a variety of unique style options just for you that you won’t find anywhere else.

A motocross rider grabbing the bars of his dirt bike while wearing a black and white striped Gripit glove.

Parker Dolbin